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Upon entering JJ Poole Opticians, I already feel a step ahead of the crowd. The beautiful displays of eyeglass ware are certainly unlike anything I have seen in central New Jersey. The warm and gracious greeting suggests "tea time", a very relaxed atmosphere. I always appreciate this, as I am usually a little anxious about looking for new glasses.

The style and quality are superior. I am very thankful for the time spent helping me to make the best decision for my eye care. Absolutely, "the best!".

Diane Carr
Milltown, NJ

I have been going to JJ Poole Opticians since they opened in Milltown. I purchased my first pair of titanium glasses and have never looked back. Recently, due to an automobile accident, I was unable to get to the store for a fitting. Ruth came to my rehab location with my new glasses and all her equipment to give me the proper fitting, which I desperately needed. I will never go anywhere else for my glasses! Her personalized and exceptional service will keep me coming back year after year.

Judy Van Pelt
Howell, NJ

My family has been a customer of JJ Poole for over 12 years. We were told that my son would need glasses when he was 3 years old. My husband and I were very concerned and wanted to make sure that he received the best care. Upon meeting with Ruth, owner of JJ Poole, we immediately felt reassured that the right decision was made.

Over the years we have had numerous trials and tribulations regarding his glasses and she has always been and continues to be attentive to our needs. We strongly recommend JJ Poole Opticians.

Allison and Barry Josephson
East Brunswick, NJ

Going in to JJ Poole is like visiting an old friend (not in age, but closeness). I still don't admit to myself that I should be wearing glasses all the time, but I am getting better at it because I always love the frames that I pick and there’s such a varied and wide selection. Ruth spends so much time making sure they will be perfect.

Gail Kroop
North Brunswick, NJ

I’ve always appreciated the fine service JJ Poole Opticians has provided for my vision requirements. Ruth’s excellent eye for fashion introduced me to a world of styles beyond the typical “man glasses” I used to wear. Her amazing technical skills and her persistence in making each new acquisition a perfect fit keep me coming back.

 But all that pales in comparison to the service she gave when I asked her to find a frame to look authentic with my Santa suit. After pouring over catalogs, she suggested and then produced a custom pair of spectacles, making my alter-ego image spot on. And what a great job she did!

Dean Frisch
Whiting, NJ

I enjoy having a reputable, service-oriented optician in the neighborhood. Ruth bends over backwards to make sure all customers are truly satisfied. She is also terrific about on the spot fixes that are needed over the lifetime of a pair of glasses. JJ Poole also has one of the best selections of designer frames in the area!

Patricia Faulkner
East Brunswick, NJ

Ruth has been so helpful on a number of occasions. I had stopped in to see if she could make a pair of sun glasses from the existing regular pair. Ruth told me she would not attempt it without the prescription in order to get it right. Then she straightened out the regular pair and made sure they fit properly. She was also most helpful when I needed the sunglasses repaired after they were damaged in a car accident, fitting the existing lenses into a new (very cool looking) frame.

Truly this office understands the concept of customer service on a level far above those of the optical chain stores. It is a pleasure coming to them and I’ll certainly be returning.

P J Smith
East Brunswick, NJ

J.J. Poole takes a singular approach to eyewear products and to its services: quality at a reasonable price. I am pleased to endorse J.J. Poole as an exceptional business for providing me with eyeglasses, eyeglass examinations, and proper fittings of eyewear over many years. This is a “customer first” store with first-class professional products and an excellent staff. It is without any hesitation that I recommend J.J. Poole. They are superb in every way.

Dan O’Connor
Edison, NJ


JJ Poole is fantastic!  If you think personalized service and high quality products are a thing of the past, then come to JJ Poole and have your eyes opened!!

Ruth Hansen is a complete joy to work with.  She knows her products, is an excellent optician, and will bend over backwards to make her customers happy.  JJ Poole's selection of glasses is so much better than the big box stores and they do all of the work right on the premises.

Our family began our association with Ruth many years ago with our three young children.  They have gone though the 'brokens', the 'bends', as well as the completely normal new glasses needs…and Ruth always handled it all with aplomb.  When Grandpa needed an emergency fix of his only pair of glasses, Ruth was there to save the day.

You owe it to yourself to visit JJ Poole the next time you need prescription glasses. Regardless of your eyewear needs, JJ Poole never disappoints.

Bruce and Robin Corini
East Brunswick, NJ

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